YouBike Usability Problem

I am a frequent user of YouBike. For an NTU student who does not own a car, motorcycle, or even a bicycle, YouBike is a fast and convenient way for me to travel inside the NTU campus; however, there are a few problems about the YouBike that really frustrates me as a user. I will explain all of these problems about YouBike I have encountered as a user in the following paragraphs.

  • Images Addressing the Problems

    The biggest problem I have using the YouBike is the incomplete anduser-unfriendly kiosk. Although it is modeled after the successful MRT kiosk system, it lacks a few critical features to make it more convenient for its users. For example, as you can see on the first image from the left, YouBike requires an MRT EasyCard to use, but it does not have a value-adding function in the kiosk, and since there is no place for the user to add value to their EasyCard nearby the kiosk (MRT stations or 7/11 convienent stores). For a person who frequently need to use EasyCard on MRT and convenient stores, it is really frustrating for me to find out that I have no credits left in my EasyCard to rent a YouBike, and had to walk 5 to 10 minutes to the nearest 7/11 or MRT station to have value added to my EasyCard.

    The next problem is more related to the logisitics of the Bikes. In certain period of the day, I often find that almost all of the bikes in the staion near the CSIE building is being rented (you can see that in the center image), and after i arrived at my destination - the NTU gym, I found the YouBike station near the gym is full of Bikes, and there is not spot left from me to return the YouBike I rented. Since they can easily detect where the Bikes are, they should find a way to fix their logistics so that all the stations maintain a healthy supply of YouBikes that can be rented.

    Lastly, I found the process of returning the YouBike to be strange: I return it to the YouBike station by locking the YouBike onto the docks of the YouBike station, and the RFID sensing device near it shows a blue light(indicated in the image on the right) - which I thought it was okay, but it actually wasn't: I have to place my EasyCard on the RFID sensing device again to complete my return. Which the RFID device will flash a green light to signal the complete of the return. This part of the returning process is very annoying for me, since the system can detect that YouBike has already been returned, to sense my EasyCard on the RFID sensing device to complete the return becomes an unnecessary and redundant step, and I am sure that this can be easily fixed to make the YouBike return more convenient.