Ke-Wei Chen

Hello ! My name is 陳克威. I am a new member in CMLab, Nice to meet everyone! :)
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Relax yourself and listen some musics. Why so serious?

About Me

Graduate School : CSIE @ National Taiwan University
Lab : R505, Graphics group, CMLab @ CSIE
Advisor : Professor CYY
Interest : Sleeping, or something :)
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About me :
Hi, I am a graduate student. I like singing, playing guitar, and sleeping . Besides, I love cat or hamster, too. If you interest in pet kitty, you can discuss it with me :).


Rendering : In my rendering course project, I modify the BRDF in PBRT system, and then simulate the bubble soap effect. It's funny :). Here is the report.

Computational Photography : Recently, I read some papers about image processing and CompPhoto, but I have no works now.

Digital Visual Effect : none.

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