Yan-Jen Su received the B.S. and M.S. degrees from National Taiwan Ocean University in 2002 and 2004 respectively,
and received the Ph.D. degree at the Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, National Taiwan University, in 2015.
His research interests include computer graphics, computer vision and deep learning.


PM2.5 + radar vis. (Taiwan)
Anaglyph 3D for PM2.5 vis. (Taiwan)

PM2.5 visualization (slides)
Face, ID, smile, gender, and age detection (video)
QR code detection (video)
Smile detection (video)
Data mining of commercial surveillance (slides)
Gender/age counting (video)
Counting by face (video)
Head pose normalization -- 2 (video)
Head pose normalization (video)
Shooting calculation (video)
Medical imaging -- 2 (video)
Medical imaging (video)
"Gradient-free visualization with multiple light approximates" (slides)

"Stereo matching" (slides)
"Face recognition" (slides)
"Fundamental matrix" (slides)
"DeepFace: closing the gap to human-level performance in face verification -- 3D pose normalization" (slides)
"Supervised descent method and its applications to face alignment" (slides)
"Floating scale surface reconstruction" (slides)
"Implicit skinning: real-time skin deformation with contact modeling" (slides)
"Position based fluids" (slides)
"An analytic model for full spectral sky-dome radiance" (slides)
"Resolution enhancement by vibrating displays" (slides)
"A perceptual model for disparity" (slides)
"Direct interval volume visualization" (slides)
"An information-theoretic framework for flow visualization" (slides)
"Ray casting of multiple volumetric datasets with polyhedral boundaries on manycore GPUs" (slides)
GPGPU (slides)
"The mythical man-month" (slides)

Captain America painting competition 31st ~ 40th (slides)
Captain America painting competition 21st ~ 30th (slides)
Transformer's transformation (video)
Captain America painting competition 11st ~ 20th (slides)
Captain America painting competition 1st ~ 10th (slides)
Transformer 3 (slides)
Transformer 2 (slides)
Transformer (slides)
Good night, Taiwan (video)
The band of general manager (video)
Kids' singing: all the world is raining (video)
Children's song: fishing (video)