SmartPlayer: User-Centric Video Fast-Forwarding
National Taiwan University
ACM CHI 2009

SmartPlayer is adopted by the metaphor of scenic car driving.

The user interface and functions of the SmartPlayer.
In this paper we propose a new video interaction model called adaptive fast-forwarding to help people quickly browse videos with predefined semantic rules. This model is designed around the metaphor of "scenic car driving," in which the driver slows down near areas of interest and speeds through unexciting areas. Results from a preliminary user study of our video player suggest the following: (1) the player should adaptively adjust the current playback speed based on the complexity of the present scene and predefined semantic events; (2) the player should learn user prefer-ences about predefined event types as well as a suitable playback speed; (3) the player should fast-forward the video continuously with a playback rate acceptable to the user to avoid missing any undefined events or areas of interest. Furthermore, our user study results suggest that for certain types of video, our SmartPlayer yields better user experi-ences in browsing and fast-forwarding videos than existing video players' interaction models.
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