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Skeleton-driven Animation Transfer based on Consistent Volume Parameterization

Yen-Tuo Chang     Bing-Yu Chen     Wan-Chi Luo     Jian-Bin Huang
National Taiwan University

To edit or create the animation of a 3D character model has always been an important but time-consuming task, since the animator usually needs to set up the character's skeleton, paint its binding weights, and adjust its key-poses. Hence, we propose an animation transfer system in this paper to take a well-edited character animation as the input. Then, the system can transfer the skeleton, binding weights, and other attributes of the given character model to another one with only a few corresponding feature points specified. The transferring process is based on consistent volume parameterization which inherited from consistent surface parameterization. Hence, the animator can start to create a skeleton-driven animation for the new character model without any prior setting. Moreover, our system is also capable of cloning a skeleton-driven animation to several other character models which can be used in a crowd animation.

Citation (bibTex)
Yen-Tuo Chang, Bing-Yu Chen, Wan-Chi Luo, and Jian-Bin Huang. Skeleton-driven Animation Transfer based on Consistent Volume Parameterization. Proceedings of Computer Graphics International 2006, p.78 - p.89, 2006.


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