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Character Animation Creation using Hand-drawn Sketches

Bing-Yu Chen1     Yutaka Ono2     Tomoyuki Nishita2

1National Taiwan University     2The University of Tokyo

To create a character animation, a 3D character model is often needed. However, since the human-like character is not a rigid-body, to deform the character model to fit each animation frame is a tedious work. Therefore, we propose an easy-to-use method for creating a set of consistent 3D character models from some hand-drawn sketches while keeping the projected silhouettes and features of the created models consistent with the input sketches. Since the character models possess vertex-wise correspondences, they can be used for frame-consistent texture mapping or for making character animations. In our system, the user only needs to annotates the correspondence of the features among the input vector-based sketches; the rest processes are all performed automatically.

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Bing-Yu Chen, Yutaka Ono, and Tomoyuki Nishita. Character Animation Creation using Hand-drawn Sketches. The Visual Computer, (Pacific Graphics 2005 Conference Proceedings), Vol. 21, No. 8-10, p.551 - p.558, 2005.


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