Getting to PG 2006


Please read the following common vis information for attending conferences in Taiwan (provided by CIAA 2006), and Feel free to contact us if formal invitation is needed when apply for visa. More detail information can be found in the web site of BOCA.

Note: The information here is provided for your convenience. Though we have tried our best to maintain its accuracy, the information cannot be authoritative. You should therefore also consult your travel agent to obtain the most recent and authoritative regulations regarding visa issues.

In general, foreigners intending to participate in an international conference held in Taiwan should apply for visas at an ROC Embassy, Consulate, or Mission with the invitation letter issued by the sponsoring organizations. Depending on your nationality, different rules apply:

1. Visa-Exempt Program

Countries eligible for Visa-exempt entry Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands , New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K. and U.S.A.
  1. a passport valid for at least six months (unless otherwise stipulated by treaty or agreement)
  2. a confirmed return air ticket or an air ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure.
  3. no criminal record .
Duration of stay 30 days , The 30 days' duration of stay starts from the next day of arrival and is not extendable.
Ports of entry C.K.S. International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport, Keelung Harbor, Hualien Harbor, Taichung Harbor, Kaohsiung Harbor,Taitung Airport and Taichung Airport..

2. Landing Visas

Countries eligible for Landing Visas
  1. Nationals of Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland
  2. Holders of USA passport with validity less than six months
  1. a passport valid for at least six months.
  2. a confirmed return air ticket or an air ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure.
  3. fill out an application form with two photos.
  4. visa fee of NT$ 1,200 (citizens of countries with reciprocal agreements shall be issued visas gratis) plus a handling fee of NT$ 800; For U.S. citizens: see remarks 2.
  5. no criminal record.
Duration of stay 30 days which starts from the next day of arrival and is not extendable .
Ports of entry C.K.S. International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport.
Method of Lodgement
  1. Passengers entering the Republic of China through the C.K.S. International Airport may apply for a landing visa at the Visa Office of Consular Affairs Bureau at the C.K.S. International Airport.
  2. Passengers who enter the Republic of China through the Kaohsiung International Airport shall apply for a "temporary entry permit" at the Kaohsiung Aviation Police Station for temporary permits. These passengers must change the permit to a visa at the Bureau of Consular Affairs or its Kaohsiung Office within three days, or will be subjected to administrative penalty for overstaying.
Remarks Holders of USA passport with validity less than six months
  1. Passengers shall apply for a visa at ROC Overseas Missions and be charged a special handling fee of equal amount US$100 (NT$3,600).
  2. Passengers who apply for visas upon arrival at the ports of entry in the ROC shall be charged a special handling fee of equal amount US$100 (NT$3,600) plus an additional fee of US$24 (NT$800). A single entry visa of which duration of stay is no more than 30 days may be granted.

3. For Mainland China participant

The related rules can be found here.

Climate of Taipei

by Taipei Travel Net

Taipei has a subtropical climate, with an average temperature of 22oC(72oF). Summer lasts from May until September and is typically hot and humid. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 29oC(84oF). Autumn, from October to November, is probably the most pleasant time to visit Taipei, with average temperatures of 23oC(73oF). Winter lasts from December to February. January average temperatures are about 15oC(59oF), but there is often a strong wind and rain, which can make the weather seem quite chilly. The rainy season lasts from April to May, but sometimes extends into September. In the spring, Taipei blooms with dazzling azaleas and temperatures around 20oC(68oF).

You may check the latest weather forecast through Central Weather Bureau.

Flights to Taiwan

Chiang Kai Shek International Airport (C.K.S. International Airport), about 40km from Taipei City. is a more preferable choice for those who want to attend PG2006, even with the fact that there are two international airports in Taiwan.

Please check C.K.S. Airport official website for real time flight - arrival, flight timetable, and booking/service lines of airlines. (has to be viewed with IE)

From C.K.S. Airport to Taipei

Once your flight lands in C.K.S. International Airport, you would have several ways to get to Taipei conveniently. You may get full information from C.K.S. Airport official website. Further, just for those who want to travel in Taiwan, there is one domestic airport in Taipei: Taipei Sung Shan Airport.

by C.K.S. International Airport


Six bus companies now provide frequent service between C.K.S. International Airport and important destinations around Taiwan. Adult single fares vary from NT$110 to $140. more


Taxis are available at C.K.S. International Airport around the clock. Airport Taxis charge according to the meter plus a 50% surcharge (highway tolls not included), and provide transport to anywhere in Taiwan. Typical fare to Taipei is around NT$1,100. more

Car Rentals

There are also Car Rental Service in both Terminals. more

Getting to Conference Venue

Pacific Graphics 2006 will be held in the Gis Convention Center/NTU (GCC/NTU), located on the periphery of the main campus of National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei, Taiwan.

The building where GCC/NTU located on B1 floor looks like this,

Transportation near GCC/NTU is well illustrated by the following map:


Shown in the map above, the bus stops are marked in red square with white text. Attendees may use the bus lines listed. Bus stop A and B are both Gongguan and C is MRT Gongguan. Please refer to Taipei Bus and Transportation Information System for route information, maps in English and more.


It is easier than taking bus and cheaper than by taxi to get to GCC/NTU through MRT. Since MRT stations are all connected together, attendee may choose any MRT station nearby and leave the MRT system through Gongguan station. Take Exit 2 and GCC/NTU would be right down the Roosevelt Road as you can see in the map above. Please refer to MRT official website for more detail.


After you get in the Taxi, tell the taxi driver address of GCC/NTU - No.85, Roosevelt Road, Sec. 4, and make a comment that the destination is near National Taiwan University and Ming Chuan Elementary School. Or you can simply download and print the following picture and show it, in case that the driver don't know what you say.

Getting to Hotels in/around NTU

It is strongly recommended to use MRT, since each of the five participant hotels locates with some MRT station nearby and all MRT stations connect together.

Leader Hotel - Taipei

It is right next to the GCC/NTU building. Once you find GCC/NTU, by which was mentioned above, you would be able to see it.

Chinatrust Executive House, Hsintien

It is 2-minutes walkaway from MRT station: Dapinglin. Please refer to its official website for map and transportation information.

To Hotels around Main Station

Taipei Main Station, where different types of public transport systems converge, is the most important transportation center of Taipei.

Caesar Park Hotel - Taipei

It is on the opposite side of Chung Hsiao West Road to Taipei Main Station. Once you arrive MRT Taipei Main Station station, take Exit 6 and would find it directly lead to "Metro A8" plaza, the B1 floor of Caesar Park Hotel - Taipei. Here is the official transportation route map

Sheraton Taipei Hotel

You may stop at MRT Shandao Temple station, the next stop from Taipei Main Station on MRT Bannan Line, and take Exit 2. Walk toward the west along Chung Hsiao East Road, and 3 minutes later the hotel would be right in front of your eyes. Here is the map of its neighborhood.

Transportation in Taipei

by Taipei Travel Net


The fare for traveling within one section is NT$15 per section. Buses do not provide change. Most bus services run until 23:00. more


There are four types ticket for passengers: One-day pass ticket, Single-journey ticket, EasyCard, Group ticket. One day pass ticket without limits on journeys, distance and can be used on all routes, fare NT$150. Group ticket when in a group of 10 or more people there is a 20% discount, while in a group of 40 or more people there is a 30 % discount. Easy Card and Single-journey ticket, the fare is calculated by distance and is relatively cheap. more


Flagfall is NT$70 and is good for the first 1.5km after which the charge is NT$5 for each additional 300m. For waiting time, it will charge NT$5 for per 2 minutes. At night, there is an additional 20% charge. And there will be a NT$10 surcharge for booking by telephone and trunk service. Women passengers are advised to call a taxi company for a pick-up at night. Most taxi drivers cannot speak or read English, so providing the destination in Chinese characters or a map is helpful. Toll Free Taxi Hotline : 0800-055850

Official Information