Presenter Information

Oral Presentation

The standard equipment setup in PG06 venue includes a screen, a high-resolution video/data projector, microphones, and a Windows PC. You might want to use your own laptop, and quite possibly you need to. If possible, we would prefer that you use our computer in order to maintain the integrity of the equipment setup. Connecting other computers disrupts the presentation flow, and the projector often needs tweaking when you plug in. If you have special software or hardware requirements, we can accommodate a connection to get you up and running. For preparing your slides, please use PG06 slide templates.

Poster Presentation

The panel for the posters is 90 cm wide by 140 cm high. There is also a table along the poster for your PC. There will be pins available to hang your posters. However, there is limited power outlets so make sure your PC battery is fully charged if you plan to use it.